This idea emerged from going to different iconic and memorable parts of the city and offering free portraits on the spot as a way to get to know others since we are new to the city (Floridians here :)) and you get to know us and how we work. We thought, "if we offer a free photo and they like it maybe they'll remember us the next time they need a photographer". Also, it's an incentive to bring people back to the city and explore all it has to offer. There are things happening that can be enjoyed even with the social distancing in place.


The good response from people has motivated us to do this on a regular basis every other week and to let you know in advance where we'll be next so you can plan ahead to come for your free portrait*. Scroll down to sign up for our newsletter to find out the latest news about this project and for other promos. We are in the early stages of this project. So far we have been to the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace in Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and  Four Freedoms Park in Roosevelt Island. Scroll down on this page to see our schedule. Visit our Pinterest account to see the results of this project. 


Through your support by a kind donation below. As you know, transportation in the city can be expensive. Your donation can help to cover that, a cup of coffee and much more. Suggestions below for how far your donation can go:

$1 a hug: to keep us motivated. $3 a cup of coffee: to keep us focused. $5 train ride: to keep our mental sanity :)

Suggested donation per professionally-edited photo downloaded: $10

Thank you kindly!

Wednesday, 12/30/2020, 12:00PM to 3:00PM

DUMBO corner of Washington and Water Street

This coming Wednesday we'll be at this iconic location with the #FreePortraitsofNewYork project. This location has a romantic vibe and will be the perfect backdrop for your free photo portrait from Jeremy Pineiro Photography. Don't miss out!. :)

Project FAQs

What will I receive?

We will send you a link to an online private gallery to the best of all the photos taken during your session. You will receive the hi-res version of your favorite photo. 

When will I get my photos?

 The turnaround time for your gallery is 7-14 days since we take time to edit them to a professional-photography standard.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, we edit all the photos for color correction and slight correction of blemishes.

How can I get the rest of the photos?

You get your favorite photo for FREE. The rest of the photos are available for purchase in your online private gallery. 

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Do you have any suggestion of where we can go next? 

We are new to the city. These Floridians need your help getting around. Leave us a message here with your suggestion of an iconic and memorable place where we could go with the #FreePortraitsOfNewYork project. Thanks! :)

*About Use of Photographs:

Please be aware that in many cases I may decide to use a few photos from any given photography session/wedding and post them on social media for the purposes of promoting my business. This may include posts on my business Instagram (your Instagram name will be used to tag you in the photos selected for this purpose), business Facebook and/or business YouTube accounts and/or on my website.  I will NOT divulge any of your personal information and the postings will only be utilized for my business and in good taste and judgement.