Hey, Nice to Meet You, I'm Jeremy

photographer | film maker aficionado | vegetarian foodie | gaming enthusiast

Hi there! thanks for dropping by to get to know us better.

I'm Joseph, the main photographer, but all my friends and family have always called me by my second name, Jeremy. I'm married to my best friend, behind-the-scenes helper and second shooter, Maribel. We have been happily married for 10 years. We're in our mid 30's although once you get to know Maribel you may wonder if she is younger. We both feel younger at heart!

I started shooting weddings and portraits in 2009. Remembering my own wedding I know that the best part of that special day was, to enjoy my time with my closest friends and family and not have to worry about if the photographer was going to capture the best moments of the day. This is something that I work to offer, peace of mind so that my clients can fully enjoy their special day. My style could be said to be with a focus on emotions. I tend to lean towards capturing the moment without posing too much as I feel this allows everyone to enjoy the experience and leads to a more genuine look.

We live in the Queens borough and shoot all over New York City including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. We LOVE to travel so we'll hold on to our hats if you need us anywhere else in the country or, heck, the world! ;) Take some time to look around my site to get a sense of my style. Follow me on Instagram to see my latest work and if you have any questions DM me or fill the form on this website. I'll get back to you as soon as I get off Grandia :))..jk

My Philosophy

No one ever picked up a camera and all of a sudden created a masterpiece. First they spent time studying the craft and training their eye to see the final product before they start. Then comes the days (more like months) of practice to hone the techniques needed so that they are ready to overcome any unforeseen occurrence.

When you hire a professional photographer you are not only paying for their expensive equipment but rather their countless hours of education and practice and their ability to translate that skill into your beautiful images. Trust me, the last thing you want is to have to worry if your photos are going to come out good, especially if you are hiring for your wedding.

I am consistently learning more every day to be the best photographer I can. I have realized that it takes more than just camera skills, it also takes people skills to run this business. And when I get a chance to work for someone my aim is to not only deliver great beautiful images, but to offer my work ethic which is to be honest, hardworking, friendly and caring about you and the occasion.

So I just want to say thank you for all of those who trusted me to photograph them over the years. You have taught me many things and have pushed me to become better.

And if you are new here, welcome! This is the beginning of many great memories to come.